Hi 3rd Grade Families!

Sway is not working for me today, so here is the newsletter information:

Language Arts:

Reading- This week we are continuing the genre study on nonfiction expository texts. Our essential question is “How do text features help us better understand nonfiction texts?”.  As a class will be reading various nonfiction expository texts, looking at the characteristics of this type of nonfiction text, as well as identifying the text features within these books. Students will also be reading nonfiction expository texts in guided reading groups with leveled texts, discussing questions, learning new text specific vocabulary words, and writing about reading.

Writing/Grammar- Students will be learning about prefixes. We will also be working on writing informational paragraphs.

Homework- Reading Log and study spelling words (test will be Friday 2/25)


In Religion, we will be concluding Ch.5 “Jesus Forgives and Heals” in our Blest Are We workbooks. We will be focusing on ways we have been healed by others, understanding that Jesus’ power to forgive and heal comes from God, exploring the meaning of compassion and mercy, and understanding how Saint Francis acted with compassion and mercy.
Student Led Prayer Dates:
Monday, February 28 (Jack)
Tuesday, March 1 (Vivi)
Thursday, March 3 (Finley)
Friday, March 4 (Blakely)

All prayers will be due Friday, February 25.
Ch.5 Test: Tuesday, February 22
Social Studies:
We will beginning a Project Based Learning Research Project on being a “President for a Day.”  The students will decide on where they are from, things they would like to do or be as president, create a list of duties of the president, talk about their favorite president, create an agenda for a meeting to discuss an event, discuss an important issue, create a video of a news conference, and more. 
3rd – In science this week, we are learning about forces and motion. We will study magnets this week.
The 2nd trimester ends on Friday!