3 Year Old Teacher

Ann is the three-year-old preschool teacher. She has been working in preschool for 30 years. She attended the University of Louisville, and has continued her education at JCC in the early childhood development field. She and her husband Kurt are parishioners at Ascension and they have a daughter Molly that is a Freshman at Mercy Academy. She enjoys gardening, sewing, crafting, and spending time with her family.

You can reach Ann at asinkhorn@ascension-parish.com

Class Description

Ascension preschool helps your child to foster a strong love for learning at an early age. Differentiated instruction along with purposefully planned lessons allows each student to grow as independent learners as well as develop their place in the community. With our schools mission in mind, “Making Learning Visible”, the Preschool and Jr. Kindergarten teachers implement developmentally appropriate, hands-on lessons and activities that will teach mathematics, literacy, science, and religion. Your child will also focus on the very important social, emotional, and physical skills that are developed during these vital years. As a Catholic school, we are also building upon the earliest stages of your child’s faith through prayer, service, and weekly Mass.

In the preschool class, your child will develop important and vital social and emotional skills that will be carried on with them not only through their academic career, but their lives as well. They will begin the process of learning their letters, numbers, writing names, and so much more. Through play and exploration your child will build their love for learning. The preschool class will also build upon their place in the community by participating in various service projects with the Jr. Kindergarten class. The preschool class also being building their faith by exploring church, discussing God’s creations, and attending mass monthly.