Gr’s. 6-8 Social Studies & Religion

Danny graduated from the University of Kentucky where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Social Studies Education with a focus in History and Political Science and his Master of Arts in Education with a focus in Secondary Social Studies Education. Previously, he attended Trinity High School and is a graduate of Ascension. In his free time, Danny enjoys spending time with family and friends and reading.

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8th Grade Curriculum

Middle school is an exciting time of change and personal growth. Middle school students are expected to be the leaders of the school community. Throughout the year, middle school students participate in several service opportunities and model servant leadership to our younger students. In-school programs, like Big Buddies, foster positive relationships between middle school students and younger students in our elementary school.

Middle school social studies builds on students’ prior knowledge while also mastering new concepts. Throughout the year, students read a wide range of grade level topics to understand the main idea, cite text evidence to support the main idea, and draw logical conclusions supported by the text. Through the course of the year, students will encounter both historical and contemporary issues to foster civic participation in their lives and years to come. Primary sources are utilized in social studies for students to understand the various perspectives of historical witnesses.

In social studies, students write to inform, express ideas, and ask questions to deepen their understanding of the content. A student driven approach develops students’ critical thinking skills and encourages a lifetime of learning.

With the use of technology, collaborative group work, and formative assessments, students encounter a learning environment that will allow them to succeed in the classroom and in life.