Athletic Board Directory

The Pastor appoints the Athletic Director and Assistant Director. This committee is the coordinating body for all sports and establishes the policies and direction of the entire sports program.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a sport, contact the coordinator of that sport. If that person cannot help, contact the Girls or Boy AD.

If you are interested in being a part of the Athletic Committee, please contact any of the current members.



Teague Ridge Athletic Director
Steve Mingus Assistant Athletic Director steve@atlaswindows.comm
Robert Horstman Boys Basketball
Frank Wheatley Fish Fry Director
Tom Cushing Treasurer
Louie Schweickhardt Flag Football / Uniforms
Pam Amon Field Hockey
Tim Hartlage Girls Basketball
Eric Gross Tennis/Golf
Dennis Jones Track/ Cross Country
Shannon Mingus Girls Volleyball
Matt Sanderfer K-2 Soccer
Sean Murphy Soccer
Tim Kinney Baseball
Jamie Dimauro Archery
Steve Spears At Large Member
Sue Hodapp At Large Member
Dave Baker PK- 2nd Basketball