3 Year Old Preschool

Our Goals for your Preschoolers Education at Ascension

Our four areas of focus are concerned with the total and unique growth and development of your child. We seek to promote:

Cognitive Development

Ascension teaches your pres7615534-Children-and-Toy-Blocks--Stock-Photo-preschool-children-clipartchooler to gain higher-level thinking skills by:

  • Implementing daily calendar math activities to teach about sequence of events, patterns, number recognition & counting.
  • Designing learning centers to teach about estimating, making predictions, experimenting, drawing conclusions, building, manipulating and creating.
  • Introducing high-quality children’s literature to promote the love of reading.
  • Providing Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum to encourage your child to learn letter recognition, fine motor skillS and practice handwriting.
  • Teaching phonemic awareness through hands on activities, movement & music.
  • Fostering brain development through the use of our Minds in Motion Maze.

Social & Emotional Development

Ascension guides your child in developing a healthy self esteem by:

  • Promoting the development of self-confidence.
  • Teaching children to share and be responsible to other members of the group.
  • Maintaining classroom-helpers to practice carrying out classroom responsibilities.
  • Modeling social concepts such as “please” and “thank you.”
  • Leading daily classroom conversations and community-building discussions.
  • Encouraging cooperation and sharing with others.

Physical Development

Ascension coaches your preschooler in developing gross and fine motor skills by:

  • Teaching Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum, art activities, and manipulatives to enhance fine-motor skills.
  • Planning activities on our playground and gym to strengthen coordination and gross motor skills through running, jumping, and throwing activities.
  • Attending PE each week.
  • Offering healthy food choices for snacks and meals.

Spiritual Development

Ascension mentors for your child’s religious education by:

  • Developing and awareness of God and Creation.
  • Developing the ability to talk to God through song and prayer.

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Welcome! We are so glad you have chosen to join us at Ascension. Below you will find an abundance of forms to fill out to complete the enrollment process. The amount of information may seem excessive; however, this provides us with valuable information to best partner with you. Thank you again for entrusting us with your most precious gift.

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